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Slow fashion brands that are worth the money

So you’ve decided to quit fast fashion. Amazing. But what are the alternatives? And what brands are worth the price tag? Let me introduce you to five slow fashion brands from around the world, that really convinced me into fair fashion even more. These slow fashion brands are worth it.

1. Brooke Da Cruz

Is there anything I do not love about this brand? I LOVE Brooke Da Cruz. I’ve recently got to know this brand via the wonderful world of Instagram. Brooke is an Australian fashion designer that has committed herself to designing high end luxury clothing made by real craftsmen in India. Everything in her collection breather ethics and sustainability. She made a video where she explains her initiatives, dreams and goals, which can be found here.

Brooke Da Cruz is currently raising funds to launch her third collection. You can shop the collection in the pre-sale with great discounts. I’ve ordered two pieces. Because I 100% believe in Brooke’s mission. As a starting label, it’s very hard to succeed, especially in the sustainable and ethical fashion scene. Therefore, we have to help them, with spreading the message, but also with actual money, as we still live in a capitalist world.

Brooke Da Cruz, being ethical and a luxury label is indeed a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth the money. The quality is extremely high and the items are timeless yet unique, which will let them be staple pieces for years to come, without getting boring.

These are the three items I’ve invested in. You can check out the crowdfunding campaign/the pre-sale on UpEffect. The older collections can be found on her website.

2. Oh Seven Days

This brand has a special place in my heart. Oh Seven Days is a fashion brand from Turkey, which mindfully make clothes from dead stock fabrics. By using dead stock, they ensure the reduction of textile waste. Bigger factories often have more fabric left than they use themselves. This is a great source for a small brand like Oh Seven Days.

What I like about Oh Seven Days is that they are focussing on both transparency and sustainability. They ensure ethical working conditions and give you insights in how the items are produced on Instagram and on their website. Besides that, they also share more information about the price behind a piece of clothing.

The new Spring Summer collection of 2019 is now live and can be found here. The collection is mostly mad from dead stock linen, a perfect breathable material for summer. Linen is also more sustainable than other fabrics, as it grows easily and doesn’t loose microplastics during washing. I love the following items a lot.

3. Näz

I’ve gotten to know Näz on Neonyt Berlin, a fashion fair for only ethical brands. I loved meeting the girls behind the brand and talk with them about their passion for fashion and sustainability.

Näz is a Portuguese slow fashion brand, that also creates collection from dead stock fabrics from bigger factories in Portugal. On their website you can exactly find where they produce and how they select their fabrics. I love the fact that even though they’re working with left over fabrics, they always tend to choose natural materials, which will also be more sustainable on the long term.

Because Näz also is a small company, it is pretty hard to compete in this capitalist world where big fast fashion companies are having the upper hand. If you’re shopping at a small brand, you support an actual person, you support a dream. You can shop Näz via their official website, or via several small online shops.

I love the following items of their new collection a lot. Especially the linen blazer is an ultimate staple piece.

4. Ni Nêh

Also this fashion brand was introduced by Instagram to me. Ni Nêh is a fashion brand that produces ethical and sustainable fashion in India. The brand is founded by Karenine, who has worked in the fast fashion industry for many years. After she has given birth, her priorities changes drastically. Fast fashion isn’t the future and therefore she decided to start the fashion label Ni Nêh. I loved Karenine’s very first blog on her journey and how she started her label and why. You can read the blog here.

Ni Nêh is a luxury label, as well as Brooke Da Cruz, and even as Brooke Da Cruz, Ni Nêh just had a crowdfunding campaign. They succeeded the campaign, which is great news, because we can shortly experience the new collection. Ni Nêh is a little expensive, nevertheless, the pieces are incredibly beautiful and will last you a lifetime, so it’s definitely worth the money. The pieces are all very unique, yet ready to wear, which will allow you to look stunning in every day and every occasion. The following items are one of my favourites.

5. Everlane

You might have seen me wearing some Everlane pieces myself, I also wrote a review a view month ago, which you can find here. Everlane is an American brand that is one of the pioneers in slow fashion. The brand has concurred the fashion market in quite a short time, which is not surprising as their items are the perfect staple pieces. Everlane extremely transparent about their production proces, so you can find all the information about where and how the product is made linked to every single article.

Everlane has an overall style which can be considered minimalistic. The cuts are very simple, yet elegant, and the fabrics are often without a pattern, sometimes a simple stripe can be found, but overall the colours are solid. The materials are most over natural, such as cotton, linen, silk and cashmere, which allow you optimal comfort during the day.

I’ve tried out their shoes, sweaters and jeans myself and I am totally convinced. The quality is very good and the items have a very flattering cut. Besides that, Everlane has a very useful size chart on their website, which will help you to find the perfect size.

The following items are currently on my wish list.

For me these five slow fashion brands are really worth investing in. They serve items that are unique, harmonious and timeless. Do you think slow fashion brands are worth spending a little more on?

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