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How sustainable is cashmere

This is already the last blog post in the Fashion Revolution Week 2019 series. Here I want to talk about wool, and not just average wool. I want to talk about cashmere, a fabric that is considered very luxurious. What is cashmere? Cashmere is an extremely soft kind of wool that comes from goats, most …


Sustainable summer outfits

Because of the Fashion Revolution Week I’ll guide you through the world of fair fashion and online activism. It’s time to speak up and wear beautiful clothes that represent beauty in every aspect, also the story behind. These temperatures ask for summer tops and flowy shorts. This Fashion Revolution Week asks for fairly produced clothes. …


A guide to online activism

Yes! I am ready to riot! I am ready to start a revolution! Or at least, I am ready to start a spreading a meaningful message. There’s so much we can and have to improve in our world, and I want to contribute to this. I am so grateful that you want this too. Only …