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Sustainable party outfits

Let’s talk about party outfits! This might be one of the most fun articles to write. For a party you’d like to look amazing and stunning. Whether it might be your birthday or a wedding or a graduation, we all want to dress up at least a little bit. Or maybe society pushes us to dress up, but that’s a whole another topic.

Do you have the feeling you need to buy something new for every special occasion? Because people have seen your outfit before? I was one of those people. The problem with this is that it’s definitely not sustainable. When we buy something new every time, we demand new resources and only for wearing it once.

With this blog post I want to share four outfits, put together in different ways to show you how you could wear them to different occasions, without needing to buy a (fully) new outfit.

1. The wedding

So this is party outfit number one. I will call it the wedding, but you can wear it anywhere you like to.

For all my party outfits I picked a top and trousers, but you can exchange the trousers for a skirt for example. The reason I chose for a top and trousers instead of a dress is because it is much easier to rewear it to different occasions.

THE TOP This amazing top is by Brooke Da Cruz an Australian designer with a fully fair trade and organic collection. The top is called the Flow Top and can be found here.

THE TROUSERS The trousers are by Everlane and are called the Wide Leg Chino in pale blue. I’ve picked those soft colors as they are perfect for spring and summer. If you want to go for an even more wedding-like look, you can exchange the trousers for the Yin Skirt by Brooke Da Cruz.

THE SHOES Those sandals are definitely my new favourite sandals. My old ones broke down last year after wearing them for over six years and I am very happy with my ethical upgrade. These sandals are also by Everlane and are called the Block Heel Sandal. I’ve picked the pink ones, as black can look a little harsh with lighter colours. I’d recommend choosing sandals that come close to your skin colour, so it’ll probably match all your outfits.

THE JEWELLERY Jewellery can do a lot for your outfit. I’ve written a post about ethical jewellery a few months ago, which you can read here. This bracelet is one by Shanti Jewels, fairly produced in India. I love this bracelet as it’s easy to wear to any occasion and it instantly spices up your outfit.

2. The Warm Wedding

If you’re living in a nordic and rainy country as I am, the previous outfit won’t be suitable for every occasion. So I’ve put together a warmer version of the one before.

THE TOP The top is a second hand long sleeve found in a thrift store, but Everlane sells a similar one made of organic cotton, which can be found here.

THE TROUSERS Those are still the same, to show you how a different top completely changes your whole outfit. This outfit is very me and I could imagine myself wearing this to a birthday party as well.

THE SHOES For the foto I’m still wearing the same sandals, but if you really want to wear something warmer, I’d suggest wearing these trousers with a slightly longer ankle boot, as the one from Miista by MaryJane Schoenenboetiek. My tip here, is when you pick a white or light coloured ankle boot, it is more balanced than black, as black contrasts the trousers a lot.

THE JEWELLERY I’m just in love with this minimalist bracelet by Shanti Jewels, but they do have more statement jewellery, which will help you make this long sleeve top more party like. I would go for a little necklace, like this one with a shell, and for a big statement ring, like this blue one.

3. The Graduation

So for a graduation you probably want to wear a comfy yet classic outfit, as those pictures will be kept forever. For this look I just exchanged the trousers, but the difference is amazing.

THE TOP This is the same Flow Top from Brooke Da Cruz as before. The mix between tencel and organic cotton gives you so much comfort. The top also has a built-in bra, so when you’re signing your graduation letter, you don’t have to be scared for anything to be visible.

THE TROUSERS Those trousers are old ones I already had, however, Brooke Da Cruz sells amazing wide leg trousers made from silk. You can find the Sage Trousers here. These high waste flowy pants will give you a super tall look and still cover a lot of skin, which makes it wearable for university as well 😉

THE SHOES Those are the same block heel sandals from Everlane as before. With darker trousers, you could exchange them for black sandals, but as I want to show you, you don’t need so many items to make a different look. These pink sandals make such a different appearance with those clothes than before.

THE JEWELLERY For this outfit I won’t wear any big jewellery, as the outfit itself is already very eye-catching. The bracelet by Shanti Jewels is the finishing touch I like here.

4. The Birthday

Last but not least I want to show you a birthday outfit. This outfit is actually the one I will wear all upcoming birthdays. It is very pretty and eye-catching, yet not too overdressed. Let’s dive into the details!

THE TOP This is the same Flow Top from Brooke Da Cruz as before. As you can see, you can add a little peplum to the top. I think I’ve never seen such a beautiful top in my life. This one shows pure craftsmanship. You can add the peplum with some little bra like hooks. It will make the top instant look different, yet you only need one item in your closet. Because of the added peplum, you can also wear lower waste trousers, without getting a cold belly. That’s a win win! I am always cold…

THE TROUSERS Here I’m wearing a jeans I already had, however, Everlane sells amazing comfy jeans. I totally love their kick flare jeans. It makes your outfit so casual. However, I am sure you already have a beautiful pair of jeans at home, so actually no rush to buy something new. It is all about the combining and styling.

THE SHOES Those Everlane sandals are just my go-to for every outfit. I love how they match with jeans. Same sandals, same top, different outfit!

THE JEWELLERY For this outfit you can choose to keep it simple, like I am with the minimal bracelet from Shanti Jewels, or you can spice it up with some statement pieces. Jewellery can transform a whole outfit, so choose wisely.

Little recap of my tips

  1. Choose tops and bottoms instead of a dress or jumpsuit, so you can split them up and mix them with different styles.
  2. Choose comfortable clothes, so you can wear them to all occasions.
  3. Choose sandals in the color of your skin, to create longer legs and more balance in your outfits.
  4. Choose booties for a warmer and more comfortable style in winter.
  5. Change summery tops for longsleeves to create the comfort you need, without losing the party feels from your overall outfit.
  6. Wear jeans with party tops, to create a more down dressed look.
  7. Add jewellery to spice up your outfit.

Last but definitely not least: wear the clothes you already have and try to mix and match. If you still need something new, you can use this blog as a guideline for ethical and sustainable options.

If you need to read more about ordering from Everlane, you can have a look at my blog on ‘Shopping at Everlane’ or go over to their FAQ page. For Shanti Jewels you can find all the information you need here. Brooke Da Cruz also ships worldwide and you can find more about it on this page.

What are your tips for sustainable party outfits? What would you wear to your own birthday? I’d love to hear from you! If you leave a comment, we can chat.

Thank you and see you around!