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Supermegaflex: Chilling in your boyfriend’s clothes

I once asked my boyfriend: “Do you actually mind that I look like this at home?” I pointed at my jogging trousers, large fleece sweater and wool socks from my grandma. It felt ridiculous to walk around in my home in an outfit that was not even worth bringing the trash to the bin outside. It felt even more ridiculous to walk around in too tight skinny jeans and a bra.

Ever since I can remember, I walked on slippers at home. My mom told me it’s better for your feet to not wear shoes all day long. And I guess she’s right, because my feet indeed feel much more free without shoes.

The freedom my feet enjoyed, made the rest of my body jealous. So slowly a transition took place. Jeans became joggers, bra became tank top, and sweater became fleece sweater or even bathrobe. That fleece sweater was once white, but it’s getting greyish because it’s 8 years old. I know, very attractive.

That escalated quickly.

– me

When Supermegaflex contacted me to try some samples, I knew those weren’t going to be worn by my boyfriend. Or at least, I would wear them too. This made me so happy, because I really needed to upgrade my very poor home outfit for something more sustainable and more cosy.

So what does Supermegaflex do? Supermegaflex is a Dutch company that design ethical and sustainable high quality T-shirts and sweaters that will definitely make you happy. The pieces are all designed to make you smile. Texts like “Dance like nobody is watching” and “Tu es formidable” make a statement in their collection. All the items are sourced from ethical GOTS certified cotton and are printed with DTG (Direct to Garment) printing methods. If you want to read more about their sustainability care, I recommend you reading this page.

I am very happy with the sweater and T-shirt. The quality is amazing and the print looks very good. We ordered a size large, and they indeed run a little big. If you’d like to have a tighter fit for women, you could size down with one. For men, I’d say: stick to your usual size.

Now that I have a new favourite sweater, the chilling can begin! 🙂

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