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Three must-see spring wardrobe videos

Okay this article is kind of random, but I just needed to spread the word about those three spring wardrobe YouTube videos. They are perfect for this time of the year. We are stepping into spring and we want to get rid of the dark colours. At least I want to.

So here we go!

Three spring wardrobe videos on YouTube

1. Karen Britt Chick


This video by Karen is just hilarious. Actually she’s one of my favourite youtubers. She knows exactly what looks good on her and what not and she gives the best tips. It’s not always super sustainable, but you can just look for similar pieces by ethical brands via my Good brands directory, or online via several sustainable shops.

2. Daria Andronescu

How to mix light colours in your wardrobe: 38 outfits.

This videos shows you that even though it’s still winter, you can definitely wear brighter colours. Daria is a master in creating the perfect wardrobe. Besides that, she actively promotes fair and sustainable fashion.

3. Justine Leconte

Capsule wardrobe: how to add colors | Justine Leconte

Justine Leconto makes great videos. She is so quiet and calm and she explains the rules of fashion very clear. Besides that she’s a French girl, whose style doesn’t change every season. She prefers quality over quantity and therefore promotes slow fashion.

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