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The importance of working together – Project Cece

If there’s one thing important, or at least in my opinion, it’s working together. So today I’d like to introduce you to Project Cece.

If you want to start a revolution, you cannot do this alone. You have to find like minded people that want to riot with you. A group of people that will show what change looks like. This is how revolutions started in the past, and this is how we will make it work today.

Let’s take the fashion revolution for example. Only by working together, we can make a greater impact. Together we make waves. As one consumer on your own, it can feel too much to do alone. It can feel overwhelming even. But if you are supported by a whole crowd of people that are into the same, you will believe that your personal choices matter. And that is the truth. Every individual matters and every individually made choice matters, because when we all start making different and better choices, we can change the world.

How can we do this? Let’s get a little practical. An ideology is good, but it’s the actions that make it possible.

To shop more ethical can feel so overwhelming, as I said before and I totally agree. The prices are a lot higher than the ones we are used to. For a simple T-shirt on sale at a fast fashion store, you can easily pay 5 euros or less.
But once we acknowledge these prices are unfair and that we have to pay more for ethically produced clothing, you know what to expect when shopping. If you still think fair trade fashion is too expensive, I’d like to advise you reading my blog on second hand online shopping or watch my video on second hand shopping in general.
But when you’re ready to dive in into some ethical stores and brands, I would like to introduce you to Project Cece.

What is Project Cece?

Project Cece is a start-up company, that collects all smaller online shops onto one website, to make fair trade shopping easier.
Two reasons that often are mentioned as a burden on shopping slow fashion are: 1. it’s kind of expensive and 2. it’s hard to find ethical brands.
And I have to admit, when I’m looking for new ethical clothes, I often scroll through 8 different online shops, comparing all the options. Project Cece indeed makes this much easier. The sustainable online shops I mentioned in this article are also collected on Project Cece, which makes the comparison very clear and easy.

Project Cece is the perfect example on how bundling our powers can make a change happen. It’s the perfect example of the importance of working together.
And you can be part of it. By purchasing from an ethical webshop, you help them grow and you help them do even better things, develop even better initiatives. You help the slow fashion scene grow and make it mainstream. Because that is what we need. We need fair fashion to be the standard.

I am doing my ultimate best to show the importance of ethical fashion. I will continue raising my voice. So my question is, will you too? Thank you for supporting a better world.



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