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WAMA sustainable underwear

Sustainable underwear: what is it and why is it important?

WAMA hemp underwear

The first things I started buying in organic materials was underwear to be honest. I had worn those polyester lace slips for a long time, but it wasn’t comfortable at all. Besides that, the quality decreased quickly, which left me with some poor black pieces of fabric, which didn’t look like lingerie.

Since then, this was even before I really got into sustainable fashion, I only buy underwear from natural fabrics, such as organic cotton.

But then I found out WAMA underwear. This is made out of hemp, which is also a natural material. I am from The Netherlands, so it was quite funny to receive a hemp slip.

I hear you thinking, how can we make fabrics out hemp? And why would I wear this? I thought so too. After some research, I found out that hemp is an anti-bacterial fabric, very breathable and also comfortable to wear. Besides that the production of hemp clothing needs less water or pesticides than for example regular cotton.

I’ve now worn WAMA slips for quite some time and I cannot say differently: they are super comfortable. They’re without lace, so no itchy or scratchy feelings. And I think they’re quite sexy, because they go a little up on the back.

Because of the soft material, it is also very suitable for doing sports, which I’m trying to do sometimes…



You may have heard from the mircroplastics. The small little pieces of plastic that are released whilst driving the car, scrubbing your skin or washing your clothes. This happens because the plastics are mixed into those objects, for example as polyester in clothing. Every time we washa synthetic piece of clothing, the microplastics will end up in water and in the end it’ll find its way into nature as well.

Hemp however doesn’t release those harmful microplastics, because of its organic and natural origin. For me that’s one of the big plusses to buy natural fabrics.

WAMA Underwear

WAMA Pouch bag

When you decide to give hemp a go and would like to purchase a pair of undies yourself, I’d be happy to point out that WAMA gives away pouch bags by a purchase of 10. They also sell the bag separately, if you’d like to have one.