My slow Berlin

You probably already know: I LOVE BERLIN. Since I’m 15 I said I want to live here. For now, I am still not, however, I try to visit this wonderful place at least once a year. The atmosphere, the people, the (vegan) food, the great coffee, the language, there’s just so much to love. Berlin is a city to speed up and slow down as well.

This city is enormous and there are so much hidden and also not hidden spots that you can visit during your stay. So much that it can feel overwhelming too. Berlin feels like two cities, and actually, it was back in the years.

So to help you out a bit, I will share my favourite spots in this magical city. As this article is about food, fashion and tourism, I call it “my slow Berlin”. Live slow and enjoy; live Berlin, love Berlin.

My slow food spots

  1. Spreegold This place has a lot: from vegan pancakes, to pasta, to matcha lattes and normal black coffees. It is located near to Alexanderplatz, so you can start here with breakfast, or you take a break at lunchtime.
  2. 1990 vegan living As the name already says: this is a vegan heaven. You can eat lots of small foods, or just a dish for one. They serve Asian food.
  3. Swing Kitchen Who said burgers?! I did, and you know what? They’re all vegan. I had the cheeseburger and it was delicious!
  4. Knofi So if you like mediterranean food, you should really check this place out. You have all smaller dishes from all around the mediterranean see and it’s all delicious. Thy have vegan options too.

My slow coffee spots

  1. KAFFEE MITTE This place has amazing coffee and one of the best vegan cakes I had. They also serve normal cakes, so there’s enough for everyone. During summer, it is also really nice to sit outside and enjoy the sun.
  2. Kaffeerösterei ZAZZA At ZAZZA you can find good coffee in a cosy atmosphere. The furniture is all second hand, which makes the place alive. The coffee they roast theirselves. Besides coffee, they also have cakes and breakfast, including vegan options.
  3. Cafe Neue Liebe This little cafe only sells organic foods. You definitely have to try the vegan hot chocolate. It’s the best I ever had.

My slow fashion spots

  1. Moeon I love this store. I wish I could buy it all. All the clothes are fair trade and sustainable. When in Berlin, definitely have a look.
  2. Trödelmarkt am Marheineplatz You can skip the flea market at the Mauerpark, just directly go to this one. It’s much smaller, more local and the pricing is amazing. I bought a vintage dress, made in The Netherlands (quite funny) for only five euros. That’s what they call a good deal 😉
  3. Wertvoll This store also sells only fair and sustainable fashion. You can find clothes from Armed Angels to Kings of Indigo. So you can shop guilt free!
  4. LOVECO The name says it all: they love eco. As I do too, obviously, this store needs to be in my list. Besides clothing, you can also find some clean beauty and slow living products here.
  5. HUMANA This is a chain of stores. There are many located in Berlin. You can find second hand and vintage fashion here. The prices are great, but you also need some patience to shop here, because it is a little overwhelming… However, I bought an amazing vintage hand knitted wool cardigan for only 12 euros, so it’s worth it!

I can continue endlessly, because Berlin is an endless source for good coffee, vegan food and fair fashion. To keep it well-organised, I will leave it here for now. But check out this Berlin map for more slow fashion and vegan food hotspots.

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