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Slow living December challenge

December: the month of celebration and happiness, the month of finishing the year and starting new habits. New habits such as eating healthy, living more slowly and shopping more consciously. But how can we do this in January if we are doing the exact opposite during December? If we are rushing, over consuming and eating way too much food? Why can’t we start making new routines right away? How can we turn this month in a slow living December?

Slow down

We buy way too many gifts, way to many useless stuff and we are tricked into the sales quite easily. But that’s not the only problem: the stress that is caused by this month is tremendous. We just need to have it all. This time of the year has to be perfect. We’re putting so much pressure upon ourselves.

I can definitely relate to this myself. People already asked in November what I’m going to wear with New Year’s and I just want to look amazing. So I started online shopping, one of my bad habits, and I started comparing myself with the media, I started comparing my clothes with everything I do not own. Everything else is just prettier. I need to buy something new in order to make this holiday season perfect. And there I am, caught in the web of materialism.

But you know what? You are enough, the clothes you own are enough. Stuff doesn’t make life perfect. How we feel makes it perfect, so let’s start enjoying, instead of craving.

But how can we do so? What can we do to stop feeling rushed and slightly unhappy to feeling fulfilled and slowed down?

My tips and tricks for a slow living December

1 How to overcome the cravings of new clothes for New Year’s Eve?

Make a list of things you want. It’s a kind of wish list, with all the pictures and links to the products. Just put everything on it of what you think you would like to have it. Finished? Put it away for the following 10 days. You don’t have to buy it NOW. Do this later. In those 10 days, don’t look at your wish list and do not keep on reminding yourself on the products. Instead, go through your closet and make combination with the clothes you have. What would be a great outfit?

After 10 days you can open de list again. What do you still like? What stayed in your mind and what is worth buying for this celebration season? And what’s worth wearing after this season? What can complement your closet? What do you really need what you do not already own? Make a well considered choice. The dress is not only for once, it’s forever.

2 How can we make our New Year’s resolution a success?

If you want to start new habits and routines, it needs practice. You need time to adjust and you have to learn from your mistakes. It’s a trial and error. Let’s make a list of good intensions you want to set for the new year and write down how you want to do this. Want to eat more healthy? How are you going to do this? By eating more fruits and vegetables? Or do you want to consume less? How are you going to reach your goal? Block all the online shops on your computer and go for a walk instead?

Once you’ve made your list, ask yourself: how can I already start practicing those new habits, so it’ll be a great success in the new year? Let’s start right away. Hang your list somewhere in sight, so you can remind yourself every day on your goals and wishes. And treat yourself once you’ve made some efforts. Gaining new habits should be fun.

3 How can we feel rested and energetic in December?

Simply: sleep enough. Whether that’s 7 or 10 hours a night, listen to your body. Try to give yourself some rest. You probably need to do a lot during this last month, but this doesn’t mean you have to do it over night, so get yourself some sleep so you’ll have more energy the next day.

4 How can we slow down in this rushing month?

Plan hours free, do nothing, read a book. Put that phone away and give yourself some quietness to restore your energy. Only one hour a day of nothing but quietness can do wonders.

5 How can we feel fulfilled during December?

Don’t put pressure on yourself, because only you are expecting the most of yourself. Appreciate who you are, appreciate all the efforts you make. And when you’re so busy that you cannot do all the tasks, it’s okay. You’re not a failure. You can do this next year. You do not have to finish everything at once. One thing is for sure: the sun will always rise and there will always be another day.

Let’s challenge ourselves in the good way and let’s make this a slow living December.

So tell me, what do you do to slow down in December?

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