Reflecting on 2018

I’m writing this post on the very last day of 2018. It feels strange that within a few hours, we’re enjoying 2019. Time went so fast. I will turn 25 in 2019. I will finish my study. I will hopefully start to work. Therefore I’ll do a little reflecting on 2018.

Because before I will start dreaming about the future, I want to take some time reflect and rethink on this year. What am I proud of? What made me happy? And what can I even improve? Those three questions am I asking myself on the very last day of December.

What made me feel proud?

It’s definitely my my platform ‘My slow world’. This includes my blog, my Instagram and my YouTube channel (which is very tiny with only one video, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!). I started my journey in May and logically it started very small. I’m still in the early stages, but it makes me so proud to see many of you reading my content. It makes me proud that I can really make a change, that I can share my thoughts, tips and tricks, that I can be your friend and that I can help you. Without you, this wouldn’t be a success, so thank you.

What made me happy?

Okay so to be honest, 1 million things have made me happy this year. I’m happy for the friends I’ve made, I’m happy for the support of my boyfriend for keeping up this blog, but if I really had to choose one thing that made me happy, it would be living in Marburg, Germany. This was an amazing time. I’ve met so many people, I did so many cool things and I’ve experienced so much self-development. What they say is true: you will get to know yourself when you’re alone. I had to build up a new life in a new place and I discovered, that it’s actually one of the things that makes me most happy and most enthusiastic. So let’s see where I’ll be living in 2019.

What can I improve?

Of course it’s not all rosy and rainbows. 2018 was also a year that taught me a lot. So what can I improve to become an even better version of myself? It’s a little cliche, however, I do think it’s an important lesson: stop comparing myself with others. Why? Because I believe that comparison to others leads to insecurity, which leads to stupid choices, such as buying stuff you don’t need, because you think it makes you happy. Or doing social activities you don’t like, because you’re scared people will think you’re boring. The last one is not really a thing for me, I’m embracing boring instead. But buying bullshit I don’t need is actually a problem, so let’s improve that!

Now that I’ve shared my answers on those three questions, I’d love to hear from you: “What made you proud? What made you happy? And what can you improve?” Will you be reflecting on 2018 with me?

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