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6 ethical and sustainable online shops

Sustainable fashion online: where to find it?

You want to build an ethical wardrobe, but you don’t know where to shop. No worries, I’ve got a list with all my favourite ethical webshops, for women and men. I’ll also share my favourite piece on the webshop and I’ll focus on the use of recycled materials.

Webshops for him and her

Mae Sue
This webshop sells clothes for both men and women. All brands are European and work with sustainable materials. The garments are made in fair working conditions. Mae Sue collaborates with smaller designers, so most of the pieces are only part of a small collection. You don’t need to worry to see hundreds of others in the same sweater as you!

My favourite piece for women is this beige linen jumpsuit made from leftover materials by Näz. 
My favourite tee for men is this “Take a hike” one by Dedicated made from organic cotton.

Studio JUX
This shop is not only an online shop, but does have actual stores too. They made their first entrance to the market in 2008 and within 10 years they became a huge success. They sell their own brand, but also others such as Armed Angels and People Tree.

My favourite item for men is this black jeans by MUD Jeans made of recycled materials.
This dress by Studio JUX is 100% vegan and made of triacetate, a material that looks like silk.

This webshop sells trendy clothes for men and women. The men’s section is a little hidden, but they do have some pretty treasures. Besides the webshop, BrandMission is also a physical store in Haarlem, The Netherlands.
My favourite item in their webshop is this unisex rain coat by Maium that can be transformed into a poncho as well.

Two ways to wear it: as a poncho on rainy bike days.
You can share this rain coat with you boyfriend.

Sophie Stone
Sophie Stone is a Dutch webshop with sophisticated fair fashion for him and her. For women they do have a lot of recycled options, the men’s selection is still a little small. However, their boxers are really beautiful, because of the colourful patterns.

Colourful boxers by A-dam Underwear made from sustainable materials.
Amazing sweater by Kings of Indigo from 100% recycled materials. Clean mess and keep yourself warm.

Webshops for her is a webshop with, as the name already tells us, only sustainable brands. They help you find brands that are amazingly pretty and that are part of the green fashion industry. influences others by showing the beauty of sustainable fashion.

This midi dress by Friday’s Project is made from recycled cotton and polyester.

Take It Slow
The Take It Slow webshop started as a countermovement on the fast fashion. Let’s take a pause, let’s reflect and let’s get ethical. What I like about Take It Slow is that they not only have new sustainable brands, but also a “preloved” collection. Those ethical pieces are worn before, but still look like new. We don’t always need to buy something brand new, the preloved items are equally beautiful.

This kimono by Jan ‘n June is made from 100% recycled polyester. Great way to reduce waste.

There are many more sustainable and ethical online shops, but what I like about these ones is the combination of many different ethical brands. What is your favourite webshop? And what is your favourite piece? Let’s share ideas!

With love,