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Let’s shout it out

Respect means the world to me. I will always fight against disrespectful and contemptuous behaviour. In situations where this happens, I always tell myself: “I’m not letting myself be treated this was”. And I think it’s good to speak up and fight for yourself and others for honesty and fairness.

Treat people the way you want to be treated 

It may sound cliche, but I totally live by this saying. I always think, how would the other feel because of what I do? I want to make a difference, I want to make people happy, but I don’t want to do this at the expense of myself or others. People can ask a lot from you, but always stay true to yourself.

There are many reasons why I think it’s important to write about this. Sometimes people do and say impolite things, but maybe they don’t know what the effect of this is, that’s why I think, it’s important to speak up.
For example, if you work at a company and one of your colleagues is just presenting unfair behaviour, it’s important to speak up, even when it’s your boss. Maybe it feels like you’re alone and not being able to make a difference, but when you noticed something is wrong, more people will have noticed, but they’re waiting for someone to say something. You can be the first, you can be the change-maker. You’re not small and they’re not big. We are all human in the first place, so let’s remember that.
Or what about friendships? We can carry each other through rough times, but sometimes, we can also say something without thinking. It’s okay when it happens, but I think, in true friendship you can tell how you feel and you can make a statement. It’s okay to have discussion, as long as you solve it. So speak up, and let other be able to speak up. We can learn so much from each other.

But not only in your personal life it’s important to speak up. Also for greater issues, it’s important to use your voice.
One of those issues is the fashion industry. The whole world is trapped in this system, trapped in the race to the bottom. In this article (Dutch) I wrote why slow fashion is so important, but I think most of you know that the system how it is now, is not a good one. That’s why you need to use your voice. With everything you say and do, you’re causing a next action. You can influence others, so let’s use this power to the good.

I’ve stood up for myself and other a lot of times and it brought me in difficult situations. But in the end it always made me feel better. In the end, I always found out, that there were a lot of people supporting me. And I will support you. So let’s start this journey together.