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My 5 autumn wardrobe favourites

Autumn is in the air! I love the beautiful colours that our Mother Nature gives us. Besides that, I also love the colder weather and being able to wear layer on layer on layer. Cozy sweaters, here I come!

Dress for autumn

For today’s article, I want to share my 5 all time favourite autumn wardrobe pieces. Those pieces are unmissable for me and together they totally make my signature look. What’s a signature look? It’s an outfit that fully represents you, in which you feel amazing and what you can always wear when you don’t want to spend time on the question “what to wear today”.
It’s super handy and comfortable to have such a look. So when you haven’t thought of yours yet, take a look at my five favourites. I hope it’ll inspire you to play with your own wardrobe!

Disclaimer: the pieces that I’ve picked I didn’t all buy new and are therefore not all fair/sustainable. I’ve chosen some alternatives for you: brands that implement recycled materials into their collection. You can have a look at them if you’re looking for similar products.

1 Straight fit jeans
Some people love dresses, some people are into trousers. I’m into the last group. I’m always cold and I love the feeling of both legs covered in warm clothes. For this autumn I decided that my straight leg jeans is my all time favourite. It’s slightly cropped, but my skin is still covered with my boots for the colder days. I think the slim fit jeans is an amazing fit, which you can wear to a lot of occasions. It’s not too tight so you can’t move and it’s still classy.

Where to find it? You can find amazing straight fit jeans at MUD Jeans. Their jeans are made of recycled and organic materials.

Straight Mimi by MUD Jeans

2 Turtle neck
The turtle neck is my most worn piece this autumn. It’s perfect for colder days, under a cardigan or sweater, but you can also wear it alone, on the jeans, without looking boring. If you don’t have a turtle neck yet, I would recommend you to invest in a quality piece in black. This color is timeless and will go with everything, so you can enjoy this piece for several years.

Where to find it? TAUKO is a Scandinavian brand that makes clothing from 100% recycled materials. You can find this turtle neck longsleeve in different colours on their website.

Pier Turtle Neck Shirt Black by TAUKO

3 Ankle boots
Is there any season in which you cannot wear ankle boots? I don’t think so. Also this fall ankle boots are one of my key pieces. You can wear them with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses, so it a great investment. It’s also very important that they’re comfortable, because only then you’ll wear them a lot. In this article I told you how I found my perfect ones. This fall I’m wearing ankle boots that are slightly longer than the standard ones, because I think it’s warmer and still looks amazing under a cropped jeans or trousers. If you haven’t found your perfect ones yet, keep looking. It’s okay to take your time. I’d recommend you to look for natural colours, such as brown and reddish. These colours are timeless and will go with any season. Are you more into black? No problem, I’ve got you covered.

Where to find it? There are many ethical brands out there, but not so many are incorporating recycled materials into their footwear. I found two: MATT & NAT and BHAVA

Tammy Fig Ankle Boot by MATT & NAT
Patti Ankle Boot by BHAVA

4 Woollen sweater
The woollen sweater is unmissable for me. I’d recommend you to look for a sweater with a little real wool in it, because it’s much warmer. There are a lot of ethical brands, that take animal welfare seriously. When you don’t want to wear this, because of any reason, there are also a lot of brands that use recycled wool or a vegan substitute. I’ve picked a camel coloured sweater by Bellamy Gallery as my autumn favourite, because it doesn’t make me look pale in winter and is still easy to combine with either darker or lighter colours. For yourself, you have to find out what colour matches your skin and hair tones, because everyone is different, but I’d recommend a one-colour-sweater, as it’s more timeless.

Where to find it? Sweaters with recycled wool/cotton can be found at Alchemist Fashion, prAna and Reformation. My favourite sweaters are the two below.

Cashmere Crew Pewter by Reformation
La Ligne X Reformation Sail-Away-With-Me Sweater Camel by Reformation

5 Coat
This autumn we’re seeing a lot of long coats. I’m so happy with this, because, as I told you before, I’m always cold. When you don’t have a long coat, you can probably find one in a second hand store. Our grand parents wore them, however, those coats are of such a good quality, that you can still wear them. If you want to invest yourself in a quality piece, you can have a look on this list of ethical coat brands. The color of my autumn/winter coat is black, because again, this is a timeless colour and I didn’t own one in black yet. However, a classic coat can be in every color, because the fit itself is timeless and can be worn for many years.

Where to find it? My favourites can be found in the previous article (Ethical coats for men and women). The one I invested in this year, is the one of LangerChen.

Eugene Coat Black by LangerChen