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Slow living, it sounds so abstract, so spiritual and even a little boring. So what is it and why am I trying to live more slow and more conscious? Why have I started this journey and why have I started this blog? It has all to do with my burn out two years ago.

Take a moment to pause.

Well, two years ago, I had a burn out. Yes, that sounds heavy, and to be honest, in that moment, it was really heavy indeed. And that’s why I noticed I had to change. I was always running and planning and planning so I could keep on running. I planned 40 hours in one day and tried to focus on all, which made me focus on nothing at all, which made me even more stressed. If I had to say no, I felt like a loser, so I always said yes. I was spending so much time and energy on unimportant issues, I made a big deal about everything. Everything had to be done and nothing was being completed. Because I just didn’t have time and patience. I was asking much from myself, a little too much actually.

And then, after one and a half year of craziness and chaos, I was burned out. I was so tired, physically and mentally. I only could cry and sleep.

And this made me think:

“Why am I 22 and already having a burn out? Why am I so stressed, that I can’t function anymore? Is this really how it’s supposed to be?”

In this world, you have to do a lot in order to be “successful”. But then, what is successfulness? Do you really have to do sport four times a week, buy the newest clothes, meet up with friends day and night, read books, travel and be successful in your school and job? A week has only seven days and I am only one human. I couldn’t do this anymore.

So that’s when I tried to change and I started learning new habits, such as not to worry about the future, and not to put to much weight upon my own shoulders. I cut of some activities, that cost me too much energy and which didn’t give the happiness back and the best thing that helped was saying: “You don’t have to run fast to be successful”.

What is perfection anyways?

I always wanted to be the best and to look the best or the most trendy, but being part of this fast world and being in the constant rush of fast fashion, made me very unhappy. So I started my journey towards a more conscious, slow and sustainable lifestyle.

I became vegetarian and now I even became vegan. I started nourishing my body with healthy energy, which made me feel a lot happier too, this was for me the basis. After this, I asked myself, why I was always in a rush? The answer for me, lied within fashion too. The pressure to keep up with the trends was too heavy. Now I’m trying to work to a more sustainable and practical wardrobe. Besides that, I found out, that planning more than one or two social activities in a day, was a little too much for me. So I made more time free for doing just nothing. My agenda was always extremely full, now I most of the time do not bring it with me anymore.

I am still learning, and there road is still long, but I will show you my journey and I hope it will inspire you and I hope you wil inspire me. Let’s work together, let’s make this world slow down a bit. And let’s prevent more young adults from a burn out.

With love,


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  1. Yessss, I’m with you girl. I’m also learning to slow down, and definitely see the way it works for my closet! So much peace and I want the same for all other closets 🙂 I really like your blog and will follow your adventures!! X Noor

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