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When one door closes…

Let me first thank all the people that always motivated and inspired me to start my own blog. Without them I wouldn’t even be writing this first blog post.

… Another one opens.

So this will be my very first blog post. Welcome! I want to blog to be about fair fashion, healthy food and slow living. So I will write about my journey towards a more conscious lifestyle.

I think I was always pretty conscious in some way, but the real journey started two years ago. My boyfriend and I watched the documentary “cowspiracy”. This one is on Netflix and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in our food habits. So after watching it, I was shocked and we decided to eat vegetarian. Only occasionally we ate meat, but also only the locally and organic fed meat. However, after a while, in which I read more and more about the plant based diet and our food industry, we switched to a vegetarian diet completely. And now we are shifting towards vegan. Nevertheless, I am not there yet, but I’m trying my best and it takes time. I just love cakes and sweets, but when I eat them, I try to look for an organic and locally produced option.

This is also a shift I made in the few months. I used to buy just the cheapest products in the supermarket. I bought grapefruits in May and berries in November, bananas for 90 cents a kilo and peaches from outside Europe. But after a while I realised how stupid this is and I made an easy switch. I decided to buy fruit and veggies at the local weekly market instead of in the supermarket. This is also more fun! Because you see so many fresh products and at the market, everyone is always in for a chat. I ask them what they could recommend and where the products come from. And so I’ve eaten the most delicious oranges I’ve ever eaten.

This is just an example, how you can easily switch to a more sustainable option, without spending more time or money.

The struggle of time and money

That’s maybe the biggest struggle for people. At least it was for me. Time and money. However, I found out, there are so many cheap and easy options. Not only considering food, but also fashion and lifestyle.

I used to buy pretty much new clothes, wore them also pretty much, but still too less to call it sustainable. After another documentary, “the true cost” also on Netflix, I got inspired to stop buying in fast fashion stores. This has been three months now, and I just bought two new pieces in the first two weeks, then I’ve quit it all. I feel so relieved not taking part in the fashion trends that switch every week. “Wear what you have” is seriously the best advice someone ever gave me.

I started thinking about my habits and realised, that if I never ever buys something again, new or second hand, I’d still have probably enough clothes until I die. Yes they won’t be trendy after a certain time. But they will still be able to keep me warm and that’s what they’re made for. If you just take care about you’re clothes and wash them sensitively, they will look good for a long time, even the fast fashion items. I am for example still wearing shorts from H&M that I bought 8 years ago and they look like new. However, sometimes I felt the urge to go shopping as well, but then I just went to second hand stores from for example the salvatory army, which is cheap as well, but way more sustainable than buying something new at a fast fashion store.

As you can see, I am not perfect and I am not even close yet. But I am willing to improve. I’m trying.

Through my blogs, I want to share my experiences with you. Let’s help each other. Let’s inspire each other.

Thank you for reading this very first blog post.



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