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How sustainable is linen

Summer is coming and we are in the need of light and flow fabrics. Linen is a perfect material for those hot summer days, as it’s light to wear, breathable and dries quickly after sweating. But how sustainable is linen actually?


Black and white summer style diary

Within a few days the Slow Fashion Season will start. During these three months 10.000 people have committed themselves into not buying anything new. Second hand, vintage, swapping and borrowing is allowed, just new new should wait until Autumn. Last…


How sustainable is cashmere

This is already the last blog post in the Fashion Revolution Week 2019 series. Here I want to talk about wool, and not just average wool. I want to talk about cashmere, a fabric that is considered very luxurious. What…


Slow fashion brands that are worth the money

So you’ve decided to quit fast fashion. Amazing. But what are the alternatives? And what brands are worth the price tag? Let me introduce you to five slow fashion brands from around the world, that really convinced me into fair…


Sustainable summer outfits

Because of the Fashion Revolution Week I’ll guide you through the world of fair fashion and online activism. It’s time to speak up and wear beautiful clothes that represent beauty in every aspect, also the story behind. These temperatures ask…


A guide to online activism

Yes! I am ready to riot! I am ready to start a revolution! Or at least, I am ready to start a spreading a meaningful message. There’s so much we can and have to improve in our world, and I…



What is this #whomademyclothes movement? After Rana Plaza collapsed six years ago, our whole global community was in shock. The factory was labelled unsafe the day before, however, the bosses of the factory forced people to go inside and work,…


Thoughts upon satisfaction

When was the last time you were bored? I haven’t been bored for quite a while now. And as much as I am enjoying this rush and this great time where I’m able to do a lot of different things…


We need a revolution

Today starts Fashion Revolution Week. One year ago I started my journey towards a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe. One year isn’t long, but it has taught me so much and it made me even more conscious about the world…


Sustainable sunglasses

Summer is almost there and I’ve been in the need of sunglasses for quite a few times already. I need them to cover my eyes, because when it’s that light outside I get a little bit of a headache. I…


Sustainable party outfits

Let’s talk about party outfits! This might be one of the most fun articles to write. For a party you’d like to look amazing and stunning. Whether it might be your birthday or a wedding or a graduation, we all…


Review Documentary #Powerplant

The new documentary by the Nicolaas G. Pierson foundation is a must watch. In this article I’ll share my thought on #Powerplant.


Chilling in your boyfriend’s clothes – Supermegaflex

I once asked my boyfriend: “Do you actually mind that I look like this at home?” I pointed at my jogging trousers, large fleece sweater and wool socks from my grandma. It felt ridiculous to walk around in my home…


The importance of working together – Project Cece

If there’s one thing important, or at least in my opinion, it’s working together. If you want to start a revolution, you cannot do this alone. You have to find like minded people that want to riot with you. A…


Three must-see spring wardrobe videos

Okay this article is kind of random, but I just needed to spread the word about those three YouTube videos. They are perfect for this time of the year. We are stepping into spring and we want to get rid…


My monthly favourites

DISCLAIMERS This is a mood board. Shop only out of need. Support ethical brands. Hereby I created a little look book with all my favourite things I’ve seen in the last month. I’m still in doubt whether I should invest in those pieces or not, so I am happy to hear about…


Ethical jewellery

Who doesn’t love a good necklace or a statement ring? Jewellery can transform your whole outfit. People say silver looks better on me, but I do what I want, so I rather wear gold. But there’s a problem with the…


My slow Berlin

You probably already know: I LOVE BERLIN. Since I’m 15 I said I want to live here. For now, I am still not, however, I try to visit this wonderful place at least once a year. The atmosphere, the people,…


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